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Itxasburu cider house produces more or less 70000litres using for it the apples of their 8 hectares. There are different types of apples: acid, sweet, bitter... and in the collection all of them are mixed in order to achieve the best juice as possible.

The collection of the apples begins in mid-September and ends at the beginning of November. The apple collection is done in the traditional way picking the apple with the “kizki”. This apple collection is cleaned and pressed the same day of the gathering, so that the apple loses as little property as possible. After the pressing process, the juice obtained from the apples is sent to the casks in which a fermentation process takes places for 3-4 months.

When the cider is ready, it is bottled so that it can be consumed in the bottle.


Itxasburu sells its cider through two types of labels: normal and D.O. Euskal Sagardoa. The latter is made with 100% of their own apples, and is checked by an approved external certifier.

The bottles are distributed in two different containers (boxes of 3 and 12 bottles).

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